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Great Market Place LP

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Return Policy

Great Market Place LP, company number: LP021301, address: Suite 7007 128 Aldersgate Street, Barbican, London, England, EC1A 4AE

1. The Buyer has 14 (Fourteen) days to inspect Product and notify Seller, in writing, of any defective Product(s) or other cause for rejection. The Buyer agrees that 14 (Fourteen) day period provides the Buyer a reasonable opportunity to inspect the Product(s). Such notification shall identify each and every reason for any rejection of the Product(s). Buyer’s failure to reject the Product(s) within such 14 (Fourteen) day period shall constitute a waiver of Buyer’s inspection right and an unqualified and irrevocable acceptance of the Product(s) by Buyer.

2. In the event that defective/inappropriate Product(s) are delivered, the Seller should: (A) exchange the Product(s); (B) compensate the part of its value; (C) take the Product(s) back and refund the full price, including postage. The Buyer has the right to refuse the entire purchase/individual Product(s) and return its value within 14 days. The Seller returns money to the Buyer by wire or postal transfer within 14 days after receiving the Buyer’s refusal and the Product(s). To return or exchange an item, the Buyer should: (1) completely fill out the return form with all the requested information, attach: (2) the Product, (3) the Package, (4) a copy of the order form (description of the order), (5) a copy of the Receipt, and (6) send to the Seller's address specified in the refusal form. The Seller recommends insuring of the parcel for value of the Product(s).

3. The Seller shall bear all risks and expenses for returning any rejected Product(s) or Product(s) requiring correction after notice of rejection including, but not limited to storage, freight, insurance, packing, materials and labor.

4. Any order placed with and accepted by the Seller may be canceled by the Buyer only upon Seller’s approval in a writing signed by an officer of the Seller and upon terms that indemnify the Seller against any loss. The Seller may cancel all or any part of this order and discontinue its performance hereunder without liability to the Buyer in the event Buyer materially breaches this contract, becomes insolvent, is the subject to bankruptcy protection, or is the subject of a receivership, liquidation, dissolution or similar proceeding.

5. Unless otherwise agrees in writing signed by officer of the Seller, all delivery dates are estimated. Seller shall use its reasonable efforts to deliver all Products within the time specified; however, in no case shall Seller be liable for any expense, loss or damage whatsoever suffered by Buyer as a result of the Seller’s failure to deliver Product by the specified date.

6. If the Product(s) are not delivered to the Buyer according to the Purchase Order the Seller has the right to return money to the Buyer. The seller will not be liable for any loss or damage of the Buyer.